Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Trip to the Mall – Comic 000

Here is a comic that I FINALLY finished and uploaded! *cheer cheer cheer* I am not really a big fan of shopping. Especially for clothes!!! The mall is my enemy!

I just really don’t like hearing all the noise from sale crazed consumers; I’d rather be playing WoW or hangout at a cool store like Fry’s. There’s always something cool to do at Fry’s. :D

Anyway, here you go, a story inspired by 1-being kidnapped to the mall on a Saturday morning, 2-the struggle of trying to fit into “show-ALL-your-butt” low cut jeans…. 3- the lack of sleep and the effects 5 hours later at the mall….. enjoy.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

A little moment of happiness

As I woke up at a early time (for me ^^;) 9:00am and fumbling around to pay bills (since I had the sudden urge to pay every bill super early so I could live happily ever after) my grandfather walked in with the usual greeting, “Did you sleep late?” to which I respond with the same answer “No I didn’t…” *shifty eyes* Usually he goes away afterwards and I don’t see him until dinner time. This time after he left with the usual squeaks, as he walked dragging his feet along the floors in his slippers, he returned to my room carefully holding a pink paper with his right hand.

Telling me with a happy glow on his face how, “This little girl in Japan sent me this letter and sent some drawings with it too,” extended his arm to which I accepted the pink letter paper that had the drawing of my grandfather with a beer cup sticker stuck near his mouth!!! It made me laugh! Even that little girl knew how much my grandfather liked beer! It wasn’t one of those boring flat stickers either; it was accurately colored with the foam in the cup that was 3-D! As I continued to be amused with the drawings, he described to me how this little girl was the grand daughter of his friend he had visited. Additionally, he told me that he needed me to draw something so he could send it to her. Draw something today he emphasized. Which meant in laymen terms “now.” Then he left my room.

As I pondered about what to draw and writing out checks, a friend came online and I immediately pounced her as I usually do to the people I like. We started to chat as I started to just sketch with my mighty old-school non-mechanical American 2 HB pencil. I decided it shouldn’t be fancy or breathtakingly awesome since this little girl might get discouraged about her drawing abilities and not want to draw for a while. Though it could fuel her to draw more and become a prodigy and surpass all the young and old people alive. Totally distracted I started to draw oblong shapes, two dots for eyes, a funny smile, and stubby ears I was intending the mysterious shapes to eventually become a cute bunny. It just looked like a sack-o-potatoes with ears and a face. No good. Need it to be cute not creepy! So then started to sketch a circle around the face and it was already cuter than the potato sack face/body. Messed around some more and slapped on some antennas. Thinking to myself this blob was the happiest blob on paper. Looked around on my desk and saw some stickers. Shiny stickers with some but limited dimensions! Flowers and strawberries! It was decided, the blob would be a happy bumblebee with a strawberry on one stubby hand and have a trail of flowers! With thick eyebrows to boot! It was soh cute! (Or so I hoped) made me remember the Days of Being Wild! More accurately – sitting in my room drawing and attaching fuzzy stickers to the drawing, when I was historically younger. Anyway the sketch was inked, pencil marks removed, accessories attached – simply put finalized.

I brought it to my grandfather who was in the living room sleeping with his mouth gaping open and the papers falling off of the blue lazy-boy chair. “Grandpa?” he responded with a snort-ish sound and a “wha?” I gave him the drawing and started to go to my room. He called out at me, where I internally responded back with “uh oh” I turned around and asked him what was wrong. He told me that I should write my name and his name on the drawing. Afterwards he squeaked his way to his room and I peeked to see what he was up to, and saw him carefully write the little girl’s name onto the drawing. I also noticed that the birthday card I had given him a month ago was still in the same spot in his room.

Feeling touched I walked back into my room. I had been planning on scanning all the mail I had received over the years and saving them as a digital format, but seeing how my grandfather reacted to that little girls letter made me realize it’s good to have the physical embodiment of someone thinking about you. Since a letter is basically just that. A physical embodiment that that other person is thinking about you and taking the time to write to you. I’m not talking about spam mail and rejection letters. so um, don’t get the wrong idea. -.-; I will probably start writing more letters to my grandfather when he flies back home.

As for all the links that my friend sent me via aim, there was one link that stood out that linked to craigslist – Do any girls out there find nerdy guys attractive? My response to you (though I doubt you’ll ever see this post), yes there are girls who find nerdy/geeky guys attractive. *raises hand* And from the description of himself he shouldn’t have a problem finding a girl to hangout with him imo. I personally don’t trust the online seeker posts, but! Good Luck to you craigslist geeky girl seeker!

Here is the bumble bee I drew for the little girl. Enjoy! :D