Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Minecraft craft....

Creepers on my bedCreepers on my bed
A few months ago I was introduced to a delightful and dangerously addictive game called Minecraft. Since then I have found myself crafting by day and often times playing Minecraft by night! Anyway, I hate Creepers. No really... I was told keep your friends close and your enemies closer... and what better way to do that than with a Creeper pillow?! Here are photos of my first attempt and another attempt that I will send to Notch (if he wants the pillow) and hopefully with his blessing, I'll be allowed to sell these adorably squishy and less destructive versions of the creeper. ;) Enjoy!

Edit: pssssSSSSSt! I just posted a few pillows on Pixel Crafter etsy shop! =)


  1. do they blow up when you touch them?

  2. @Caitlin Cheers!
    @Ink So far so good, but who knows... they're probably just waiting to detonate when I don't expect it....

  3. @Rinku Once notch gives me the thumbs up to sell I will put them up on my etsy. ^^